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We want to hear your stories!


Our aim is to create an online e-platform that will function as an Island Stories of Change hub accessible for a wider community of optimists and changemakers interested in conservation, communities, islands and sustainable livelihoods. The idea is that this combined approach will help to lead to positive change and action under the movement ’from Ripples to Waves'.


We invite you to share your stories online, contribute to this dynamic and share further. We have prepared a simple template in which you can upload short text, photos, infographics and links to your online channels and more information….this will not take long (10-15min only!).


Help share ideas worth spreading and inspire others!

Does your story fit this hub?

It's a match if you can respond yes to 3 out of these 5 questions:

  • Does your story focus on conservation and/or sustainable livelihoods?
  • Does your story show benefits for both people and nature?
  • Are local communities important stakeholders or key drivers of change?
  • Is the positive change still visible today and likely to be sustained in the long run?
  • Does the story of change have potential for replicability in other sites?


Non-island stories of change are also welcome!


How to upload your story?


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